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Moss Wing Chun continues in the style of traditional Wing Chun. Mr. Moss strives to teach each student in the same fashion as the trainers in the old country. Each group session and private lesson is taught with the passion of the original trainers in the past. So what is Wing Chun Kung Fu?

Wing Chun is the name of a system of martial arts developed in southern China approximately 300 years ago. Its originator, Ng Mui, was a master of Shaolin Kung Fu and used this knowledge to invent a way to take advantage of the weaknesses inherent in the other Shaolin systems. This new system was well guarded and passed on to just a few dedicated students. Later, the style became known as Wing Chun, after Ng Mui's first student, a woman named Yim Wing Chun.

In 1949, Yip Man, who was considered to be the grandmaster of modern Wing Chun, brought the style out of China into Hong Kong and eventually to the rest of the world. One of Yip Man’s most famous students was martial arts film star Bruce Lee.

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